The products covered by this warranty are :

  • Vimba Amanzi WaterSeal
  • Vimba Amanzi CrackSeal
  • Vimba Amanzi RustSeal

Vimba Coatings hereby warrants to the Customer that, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations stated herein, the Product specified above is free of manufacturing defects.

The product will, subject to fair wear and tear, have a useful life under normal conditions of 7 (Seven) years (the Warranty Period) from the date of final application.

In the event the Product is proven not to have performed in accordance with the warranty during the Warranty Period, the Customer shall notify Vimba Coatings in writing within 7 (seven) days of the alleged non-performance.

Should there be a valid claim made in terms of this warranty, Vimba Coatings shall, in it’s sole discretion, either refund the purchase price paid for the Product by the Customer or provide sufficient Product to replace the non-performing Product. Such refund or replacement shall constitute the limit of Vimba Coatings’ direct and/or consequential liability and obligation in terms of this warranty. In any event, the limit of liability on any one project is the cost of the material supplied ex VAT.

During the term of this warranty, agents or employees of Vimba Coatings shall be afforded the opportunity to inspect the non-performing application at such time as Vimba Coatings may reasonably request.

Vimba Coatings will have no liability for normal wear and tear.

A warranty claim will be only be valid where :

  • Any and all waterproofing membranes, rainwater gutters and outlets must have been regularly maintained in line with the current South African Standard Code of Practice.
  • Full payment for the product and application must have been received by Vimba Coatings.
  • If Vimba Coatings’ application instructions were strictly adhered to.
  • Areas to which the product has been applied have not been affected by any act, or failure to act, by any parties other than Vimba Coatings
  • Where the area to which the product was applied was deemed suitable for use of the product and was not subsequently used for another, unsuitable purpose.

The warranty specifically excludes any mechanical damage, damage caused by hail, lightning, trees, damage caused by lack of maintenance & gutter maintenance and structural defects, specifically relating to cracks.

In any event and notwithstanding anything contained in this warranty, in no circumstances shall Vimba Coatings be liable, in contract, tort (including negligence albeit a statutory duty) or otherwise, whatsoever and whatever the cause thereof, for any increase in costs and expenses, for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenues or anticipated savings not realised or for any special, indirect or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever.

It is expressly stated that the Product is not suitable for application on surfaces that will be subject to any form of traffic.